Iranís natural beauty is breathtaking. The Department of the Environment maintains over 70 national parks, game reserves and sanctuaries all over Iran. A variety of wildlife, from the Asiatic cheetah to the Persian fallow deer can be seen and photographed. Abundant ancient archeological sights can also be visited during any program. You can photograph wildlife on one day and Persepolis the next.

The variety of wildlife is such that one can see the Caucasian Black Cock as well as the sacred African Ibis. There are salmon and sturgeon in the north and crocodile in the southeast, while the warm waters of the Persian Gulf are home to the largest mammal on earth, the Blue Whale.


The Asiatic leopard on the prowl for Ibex, September 2000 Home of the leopard

Any program can be arranged to please the most demanding. We will organize an unforgettable adventure to meet your individual interests.
- National Parks and wildlife photography
- Sightseeing
- Horse and camel safariís
- Desert safari
- Trekking

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