The Persian ibex is one of the most prized trophies of the world today. Their habitat are the countless mountains of Iran. Although the ibex once roamed the mountains of the Middle East including the Greek Isles, excessive hunting of this majestic animal has driven it to extinction elsewhere. Contributing to the quest for the ibex, its stomach sometimes contains a mineralized gem called (Bezoard) and was said to hold miraculous properties. Other parts were used for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Iran Safari has at its disposal hunting rights in some of the best reserves in Iran, increasing the possibilities for excellent trophies. The most competent and reliable professional hunters with decades of experience will insure that your safari is successful.

Persian Ibex safaris can be combined with any species of wild sheep. Single sheep hunts can be arranged or in combination with other species of sheep.  Trans-Caspian Urial, Armenian sheep, Red sheep, Isfahan sheep, Kerman sheep and the Larestan mouflon. Contact us for details.




Of fewer than 20 species of wild sheep roaming the mountains of the world, four distinct species are indigenous to the mountains of Iran. As all wild sheep share their habitat with the Persian ibex, combination hunts can be easily arranged.

Contact us for details.

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